fish_pufferfish_rawWhat is Zigzag?

Zigzag is a stylish alternative to default textures in Minecraft.
Its high resolution and painterly appearance help to transform your Minecraft world into something fresh and exciting. Many blocks in Zigzag were designed to look cohesive, giving you more build options. Also…it’s pretty cute!


Iz it Done?cake

Not quite! Most of the content up till 1.8 is complete, but many of the new blocks to 1.10.2 are still being worked on. Follow me on twitter for the weekly update on what has been added.


book_enchantedWho Makes it?

Zigzag is created by me; Jamizzles! I am a full time artist/gamedev who spends all her spare time playing Minecraft. I love the default look of Minecraft, but I also wanted to see where I could take it if I used my own style. For more of my original art and updates please follow me
@JamieMcKiernan & jamizzles.tumblr.com/