Can I make a port of ZigZag to PE?

I get asked this a LOT! The answer is NO. I am actually working on an official port to PE, so please do not upload my pack without my permission. 

What is the Resolution of Zigzag?


What version of Minecraft should I use?

I am offering two zip files now, one for each version. Eventually it will be updated to the most current.

How do I install Zigzag?

Simply download the resourcepack, and add the zip file (still-zipped) to your resource pack folder.

Having trouble getting Zigzag to show up?

1. If you notice that the game keeps “dumping” the texture pack on you and going back to default, you might not have the ram set up to run a large texturepack. You can allocate more ram in your minecraft launcher, and in your java settings. For a guide check out this link: http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-help/tutorial-giving-minecraft-more-ram-t2.html


Where do I report a Bug with the pack?

Contact me via Twitter and I can log it on my Trello page: ZigZag on Trello

What can I do with ZigZag?

  • Make Youtube videos/series
  • Use it on your server
  • Create screenshots
  • Mix and match with other packs to get just the right look you want

What shouldn’t  I do with ZigZag

Don’t re-upload the pack anywhere! This includes unofficial “pocket edition” versions. These uploaders have not received permission to port, and tend to be lax in quality. If you see it up for download anywhere that isn’t my official account, just let me know. Remember Zigzag is Ad free, so you should never see it on a mediafire or adfly link 🙂

What shader do you use in your screenshots?

A modified version of the chaopic shader.

What mods would you like to support in the future?

I’d love to do all sorts of Mods! I’m actually used to playing on a heavily modded server, so the idea of getting to do even more fun textures is very appealing. Please feel free to suggest your favorites!

What are the future plans for the pack?

Well first off I need to finish it! At first the pack was going to be 1.8 only, but enough people have asked so it is currently up to 1.10.2, and I will try to keep it current, keeping in mind textures will be default on the things I haven’t reached yet

How can I help support the continued creation of zigzag?

Head on over to the Patreon or simply share the pack around to your friends!